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Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce
23rd November 2017

Westburn Finance Join Chamber of Commerce

Westburn Finance are delighted to announce that we are now members of the Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber of Commerce is North-East Scotland’s leading business membership organisation, representing more than 1250 businesses. Westburn Finance are delighted to be associated with this excellent organisation.

Westburn MD Chris Williams feels that our membership demonstrates a commitment to the local area. “At a time when the major banks are increasingly retreating from face to face service for SMEs we are here to offer a real alternative for those who prefer a personal, locally based service.”

This commitment to being the asset financier to local business in North East Scotland is central to Westburn Finance’s strategy in the coming years. Major banks have abandoned their traditional commitment to grass roots business. The facility for businesspeople, and new start enterprises to be able to meet directly with a finance professional, discuss their business needs and the best way to fund the assets they require, is an invaluable service to many. Westburn are able to offer this in a relaxed environment, with no obligation for the customer to commit to anything.

As the chamber looks to set out its Route to Renaissance- a cohesive plan to reinvent the future economy of North-East Scotland to ensure we become a renaissance region, not a museum to what was once Europe’s oil and gas capital- Westburn are keen to support that by being a champion of local business, offering our expertise to all who could benefit. As Chris was keen to point out “in a period of change for the local area many are starting new businesses, or changing the direction of existing businesses. For those people it is vital that they are properly advised from the outset, and we are uniquely placed to offer that.”

If you have a funding need in your business, or you are planning on starting a new venture, get in touch to find out how we can help.