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Tamzin Marshall

Your Dream Car?
Range Rover Velar.

Your Favourite Holiday?
Moon Palace (Cancun, Mexico).

Your Ambition?
To be financially secured and travel the world.

In what decade were you at your coolest?
21st century.

Your Idol?
Julia Roberts.

Your Favourite Film?
I have many favourite’s but it would have to be The Greatest Showman or Brides Maids.

Favourite Way to Spend a Day?
On a hot summers day spent either with my horse or socialising with friends.

What makes Westburn a good place to work?

Because every day is different and enjoyable, you can always rely on your colleagues when you need a helping hand and it’s very rewarding being able to help a person with their requested finance.

The team on Tamzin:

Relaxed, Sporty, Dependable, Friendly, Confident, Calm,
Diligent, Chirpy, Eye for detail, Horsey, Funny


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