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Chris Williams

Your Dream Car?
Aston Marton DB5.

Your Favourite Holiday?
We recently visited Vancouver, taking a cruise to Alaska and then boarding the Rocky Mountaineer traveling through the Rockies followed by stay beside lake Moraine.

Your Ambition?
To catch a salmon on the fly weighing more than 20lbs.

In what decade were you at your coolest?
Not sure I was ever cool but I did enjoy the eighties.

Your Idol?
J P R Williams (no relative!!) the Weslh full back.

Your Favourite Film?
An Outlaw called Josey Wales starring Clint Eastwood.

Favourite Way to Spend a Day?
A day in the country with my dogs or trying to fulfil my ambition.

What makes Westburn a good place to work?

Informal, relaxed atmosphere that allows employees to fulfil their true potential.

The team on Chris:

Insightful, Experienced, Smart, Generous, Philosophical, Sincere,
Relaxed, Oldschool, Approachable, Calm, Considerate, Focussed


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